Wednesday, 25 October 2017

                                                  Why We are Start IBSS

          A few years ago, we, the founders of IBSS, discovered that there are many good companies in India that offered great services, did a lot of hard work, and had excellent capabilities. But, the customers failed to reach them.

The reason: Customers weren't aware of these companies because they weren’t present on the internet. They didn't have websites and they were not available on Google and social media sites as well. This hurt their business a lot.
So, this motivated us to start-up ImpressBSS. Through IBSS, we aimed to uplift every business that remained behind, and provide exceptional services for the companies that wished to thrive more and more.
We expanded soon and now we are a web development company as well as an SEO and online marketing company. We have seen a huge progress in our business in a very less time. And, during this journey, we came across wonderful clients who loved our work and encouraged us.